Hurricane Harvey & Irma Tips for Public Adjusters

With the arrival of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida, we have seen some of the very worst weather to ever impact our country. The loss of even one life is devastating. Property losses may very well be beyond computation.

We know you want to help as soon as you can. We want to help also. We’ve compiled some tips to help you organize and prepare for post-hurricane claims adjusting in Texas and Florida.

After over 20 years in the claims adjusting software business and working with hundreds of public adjusting companies, we’ve learned a few things that may help.

If you are a current ClaimWizard client, please know our team will be monitoring our support email and voicemail on extended hours to assist while you serve your own clients. By chance, we relocated the ClaimWizard office to San Antonio Texas a few short weeks ago. Prior to Texas, we were located in New Jersey. Our team was #JerseyStrong for Sandy, and we stand in our new home proud to be #TexasStrong.

Be safe — The ClaimWizard Team

Florida Information

Without a valid Florida state public insurance license, you will not be able to solicit or adjust claims in the state. Click here to verify your status.

Be the educated resource that your clients need right now.

Texas Information

Without a valid Texas state public insurance license, you will not be able to solicit or adjust claims in the state. Click here to verify your status.

NOTE: Texas Emergency Adjuster licenses do not apply to public adjusters.

There is a lot of “Facebook misinformation” going around about the recent Blue Tarp Bill in the state of Texas.

Be the educated resource that your clients need right now.

General Information

There will be more than enough opportunities to help property owners for every public adjuster. The fact is – you can’t help if people don’t know who you are or how you can help them.

While you may be traveling for extended periods of time, your staff will most likely be back in the office and working just as many hours as you are. Be sure to leave them with:

  • Clear expectations and processes to follow in your absence
  • The ability to quickly receive and process claim paperwork
  • Downtime and breaks (and maybe a few pizza deliveries)
  • Ways to contact you immediately via text/cell and not through email or an answering service
  • Load up on rechargeable battery packs for your laptop and mobile device. Power availability can be unreliable, especially with rising water and flood situations.
  • Pack all office and soliciting supplies in water resistant containers.
  • Bring large Tyvek envelopes so that your clients can protect contracts, paperwork, and photos.
  • Bring printed copies of the contents inventory form from United Policyholders to hand out to property owners.
  • If you plan on staying in proximity to the disaster areas, know that hotels may be booked up to house evacuees. You may be driving very long distances to reach your clients.
  • Bring as much water and non-perishable food with you as possible. Chances are most businesses and shelters will be providing for evacuees. Don’t take resources that can be going to help.
  • After Hurricane Katrina, a good number of public adjusters lived in the area for over a year to provide in-person assistance. Decide early how much time you can commit to Harvey.
  1. Donate to local charitiesmoney and diapers are generally always in demand – but check with them directly to see what they need at that moment.
  2. Support the local Texas businesses whenever possible. They need all the help they can get even if they aren’t directly affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Be an educated resource to help everyone you can.

  1. Merlin Law Group – Hurricane Harvey legal articles
  2. Raizner Law – Hurricane Harvey legal articles
  3. United Policyholders – Hurricane Claim Guidance Library
  4. TDI “Help After Harvey”

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