Surge Protection Protocol

Hurricane Ian Florida Support

The ClaimWizard team has implemented our "Surge Protection Protocol" to extend help and support during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida and South Carolina.

We anticipate this extended support being in place for the upcoming months while our clients work extended hours themselves to support the residents affected by Hurricane Ian.

Support requests originating from helpdesk tickets will now be handled seven days a week and extended before and after 'normal' business hours. We don't have an official open/close time for support, but so long as our team is awake and on a computer... we will help!

Remember, we are NOT Public Adjusters. All we do is serve YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Phone support may be limited because our ticketing system has been all-hands-on-deck 'round the clock!

Existing ClaimWizard Customers

  • Helpdesk Ticketing System: This is the fastest way to get into our support queue for assistance with ClaimWizard.

  • New User Accounts: You can find a link to add new user accounts to your ClaimWizard by clicking on the ADMIN (gears) icon and choosing ACCOUNT SUMMARY. There is a link to add a new user. If you do not see the ADMIN icon in your ClaimWizard, you don't have security clearance to add a new user.

  • Free Online Training: We have several free online training resources available to anyone interested in learning more about using ClaimWizard. I know it seems counter-productive to 'waste time' learning, but many helpdesk questions can be answered, especially for new users, by learning the basics of the system.

  • Online Training: Please note while unlimited 1:1 online training is an included part of your ClaimWizard subscription, it CANNOT be used in place of support. If you are looking for support, it is MUCH quicker to open a ticket, thanks!

Prospective ClaimWizard Customers

  • New Account Signup: Please fill out this form to have a new ClaimWizard account set up for your company.

  • Learn About ClaimWizard: Here's a quick view explainer that goes over the big benefits of using ClaimWizard for your Public Adjusting platform. As bad timing would have it, we were scheduled to recreate this video due to the massive amount of new features added to ClaimWizard in the past months.

  • Helpdesk Ticketing System: If you have questions about ClaimWizard, you can contact our support team via ticket.

  • Schedule a Demonstration: If you are interested in having a 1:1 Zoom session with our Sorceress of Sales, Jen, feel free to find yourself a time/date on her schedule to chat. Please note that her calendar is filling up FAST. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is right now.

I'd also like to thank you for supporting policyholders during such a traumatic event. These are our friends, our neighbors, our families. Thank you for offering your professional expertise and personal empathy during such a trying time. You do amazing work and my team and I are honored to serve you.

-- Lynette Young, Co-Founder, ClaimWizard

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