So You Want to Start a Franchise? Or at least operate like one…

Not every Public Adjusting company wants to become a franchise, but every one should be set up as if they were! This webinar will show you how to create a SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as well as a culture of compliance, the difference between franchising and other similar practices as well as the benefits of behaving like a franchise.

  • Internicola Law Firm –​
    Franchise Frankness –…​​
    Franchise City –…​​
    Clockwork –​
——- Video Timestamps ——-
00:00​ Introduction
00:29​ Webinar Agenda
02:42​ Legal Disclaimer
03:26​ Franchising, Marketing Co-Op, Company-Owned Operations, Licensing, Dealerships, JV
05:15​ Licensing and Dealerships (Off the Table)
06:34​ Company-Owned Operations
07:27​ Joint Ventures and Marketing Co-Ops
11:05​ Franchising for Public Adjusting Companies
17:50​ Benefits of Behaving Like a Franchise
21:56​ How to Create Your Standard Operating Procedure, Culture of Compliance, and Turnkey Setup
45:01​ More Resources
46:40​ Thanks

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