Transform Your Public Adjusting Business By Learning What to Fix

Stop wasting time and losing money trying what ‘other’ Public Adjusting companies have tried to grow or fix their business. You are unique, and your growth solutions should be as well. This webinar will show you how to learn your business’ hierarchy of needs, how to find what needs to be fixed in your business and focusing solely on sales and profit is costing you both time and money.

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——- Video Timestamps ——-
00:00​ Introduction
01:03​ Webinar Agenda
01:58​ About Lynette Young, ClaimWizard
03:00​ Fix This Next Book by Mike Michalowicz
04:01​ Business Hierarchy of Needs
10:43​ What to Focus on Fixing
37:55​ Profit vs. Sales and Time vs. Money
38:36​ The Survival Trap
41:55​ More Resources
42:13​ Thanks

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