How to Grow Your Public Adjusting Support Team the SMART Way

If you are looking to grow your public adjusting company’s team by hiring SMART people, this video is for you! Learn how to set SMARt goals on what to hire for, how to form a “talent philosophy” that’s right for you and your business, and how to design a 90-day onboarding plan.

Additionally, this video we give you a complete breakdown of the role types you may need to hire for your public adjusting company and what tasks they should be responsible for:

– Front End Office Support — phones, email, client support / communication, onboarding new claims, setting appointments

– Back End Office Support — creating / filing claim paperwork, entering claim data into tracking system, following up on vendors, sit on phone with carriers

– Financial Support — payroll, invoices, taxes, expenses, mortgage processing

– Management Support — office or adjuster manager

– Business Support — process, marketing, strategy, growth, expansion (on biz, not in)

We have also broken down a complete 90-Day Onboarding Plan for Front End Office Support and included it for FREE!

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