Team Email Best Practices for Public Adjusting Companies

In this webinar, we will discuss proper email etiquette, some tips specifically relating to email and public adjusters as well and discuss some basic email practices and trivia.

——- Video Timestamps ——-

00:00​ Introduction
01:10​ Webinar Agenda
02:56​ About Lynette Young, ClaimWizard
03:26​ Email Trivia
06:16​ Team Best Practices
15:57​ Email Tips Specifically for Public Adjusting
25:33​ Email Etiquette Tips

——- Resources Mentioned ——-
► Slack :​
► Getting Things Done for Email :
► Acuity Scheduling System :
► Hubspot Email Spam Words to Avoid :
► Test your emails for free :​
► Gmail Business Account :​
► Microsoft Business Suite :

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