How to Build a Public Adjuster Pitch Deck

In this webinar, we’re going to discuss how to build an excellent pitch deck including: the 3-step closing map, a framework for a proper sales deck and show you how some sales decks go wrong and how to fix them.

——- Video Timestamps ——-
00:00​ Introduction
02:06​ Webinar Agenda
04:42​ About Lynette Young, ClaimWizard
05:56​ Benefits of Using a Sales Deck Process
18:41​ 3-Step Closing Map
46:29​ Sales Deck Framework
48:42​ How Sales Decks Go Wrong
53:13​ More Resources

Qualify your leads:
– Awareness
– Authority
– Age

Why pre-sell:
– makes closing FASTER
– makes appointments SHORTER
– makes customers feel IN CONTROL

Mistakes to avoid:
– Too much info on slides
– Reading the slides
– Talking too fast
– Not including stories
– All ‘features’ – no benefits
– Not including the prospect
– Cramming too much in too little time
– Using industry ‘jargon’
– Not defining next steps

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