New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Public Adjusting Businesses

In this webinar, we will discuss our New Year’s Resolution Checklist for Public Adjusters and Public Adjusting Businesses. Here are the items on our checklist for you to follow along with.

Weekly Reports : Settlement Process

–Claims with Open Balances (carrier ➝ policyholder)
–Payments Received (inbound checks)
–Claims with Undistributed Amounts (policyholder ➝ public adjusting company)

BiWeekly Reports : Payroll
–Disbursement Report (use date range)
–Commission Payments for Personnel (individuals)
–Open Claims (claim age & est. settlement amounts)
-WIP Detailed (30/60/90+ cash flow projection)

Monthly Reports : Lead Generation
–Active Leads for Company
–Claims Written by Adjuster / Estimator / Sales Rep
–Sales by Referral Source

Quarterly Reports : Accuracy & Compliance
–Estimated vs Payments Issued by Carrier (shows delta)
–Open Claims w/ Missing Fields (shows areas for data collection)
–Action Items Completed (productivity & bottlenecks)

Yearly Reports : Compliance & Productivity
–Licensing and Bond Expiration (stay in compliance)
–Client Property List (see prior clients with no active claims)
–Cancelled Claims (shows retention)

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